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South Stars Team Rosters

06/25/2016, 10:00pm EDT
By South Stars Board of Directors

South Stars Team rosters

Congratulations and thanks to all of the players who have attended the tryouts and evaluations for the 2016-2017 season.  The Coaching Staff and Board of Directors welcome you to the South Stars Club.

The rosters for the South Stars A team and South Stars B team are listed below.

A Team                                                                       B Team

 6  DeHART    18  HUTER
 10  KEM    27  M. DAVIS
 11  DECKARD    29  CLOUSE
 13  YAIST    32   AQUINO
 16  McDaniel    37  SCOTT
 17  TELLAS    51  ZAGAROS
 19  C. DAVIS    81  ANDERSON
 22  DUSAK      
 24  T. HEBERT      
 25  PERKINS      
 33  BETZ      
 40  SEMMLER      
 43  PATCH      


The Coaching Staff advised the players today after the session that movement between teams is still possible as practices and games start in August and September.

The Club is committed to maintaining 2 teams for this season.  There is the potential for pool players, players cut from other teams, being assigned to the B Team along with the ability to double roster 4 players from the A Team to play for the B Team, we are confident the B Team is viable this season.

Please continue to monitor for updates on events in July and practice dates in August and September.   We are looking forward to a great season.

South Stars Coaching Staff and Board of Directors.

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