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Sponsorship Forms

Obtaining Sponsorships are a great way to offset fees for your player.

Scrip Details

See info below from Lisa Patch. Keep in mind that this is a great fundraising opportunity. The money goes directly back to offset YOUR player's fees!

Dear South Stars Parents,
The INSTRUCTIONS for how to sign up for Scrip are in the pdf file below. 

You will be purchasing or reloading e-cards, these are electronic gift cards that you can print or email. I have one linked to my Speedway app and I reload that and use it to make purchases, my wife reloads her Amazon e-card before she makes an Amazon purchase. Since we reload or purchase a new e-card through our Scrip account we earn a % of the reload or new purchase toward our fees. 

In order to purchase cards you must register and sign up at ShopwithScrip and PrestoPay. PrestoPay is how you will pay for your purchases and is linked to your bank account.

Please email me with any questions. You can have anyone sign up, this isn't just for parents. You can have others sign up and as long as they use our instructions the money will go toward your players fees.