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Sponsorship Forms

Obtaining Sponsorships are a great way to offset fees for your player.

Scrip Details

See info below from Lisa Patch. Keep in mind that this is a great fundraising opportunity. The money goes directly back to offset YOUR player's fees!

Dear South Stars Parents,
The INSTRUCTIONS for how to sign up for Scrip are in the pdf file below. We will place our first order for the normal (hard copy) gift cards on Friday 03/25/16. If you want to use the reload option, you will need to purchase the first gift card through Shop with Scrip. You can't reload any cards you currently have. I'm planning on ordering 2 gas cards to reload weekly. Also a few common restaurants we visit. Great way to put myself and Alec on a budget.

Reminder: Shipping is $8.50 and will be divided by the number of parents who order.

ScripNow option is available now- I just ordered an AMC electronic gift card. 13% rebate right now, AMC is doing a bonus rebate. Your electronic cards are stored on MyScriptWallet or your email.

Before you can order you must register and sign up for PrestoPay. You enter your banking info and they will deposit 2 small deposits to confirm your account. Then you will enter those 2 deposit amounts on Shop with Scrip website, they will provide a code, then you need to give me that code and I'll approve you to start ordering. These directions are also on the papers I gave you yesterday.

Please email me with any questions or call 317-938-7818 after 5pm. If you did not sign up at the banquet, please contact me.

P.S. I'm asking grandparents, siblings, and friends to sign up too. They will just pick Alec as their player when registering. If you do the same, please give me their names. I have to approve everyone who sells on the coordinator site.

Lisa Patch